Mass Flo Engineering, Dual Common Rail Kit


1. Your Safety: Pressures in newer fuel systems can exceed 20,000 psi. Errors could cause severe injury.

2. Nozzle Tips won't fix injector problems: If you suspect you have an injector problem, just replacing the nozzle tips is not an overhaul and in almost all cases will not fix your problem.

3. It's not cheaper: If you have to tear down your truck another time due to a bad injector, with labor and down time, followed by diagnostics and more replacement parts, have you really saved any money?

4. Don't "hot-rod" an old dog: If you have higher mileage injectors but the engine runs fine the injectors may still be near the end of their service life, now is not the time to demand more out of them with a performance upgrade.

5. Don't buy something with a potential 12% warranty return rate: We have been testing and servicing Common Rail injectors for many years. We know what the success rate is. About 12 % of the OEM remanufactured injectors modified with performance tips will require a shim or button change to return the injector to acceptable tolerances. That even includes using OE injectors and tips balanced within 2% of each other. A change of tips alone can destroy the flow tolerance between OEM injectors that are fresh. Chances are that your cores are going to be even more worn than fresh injectors.

6. Test, don't Guess: Our injectors come completely tested and ready to install. This is your assurance that all of the other modifications you've done are complemented by knowing your injectors are done right. Its good insurance and its information you need to know.

High-performance diesel fuel injection and turbocharger components from MFE may not be the lowest priced product, but they are the highest quality, and that can lead to being the lowest "cost". How is that possible? Lower priced injectors and self-installed injector tips that must be installed and removed multiple times, and exchanged for alternate sets eat-up freight, time, and labor expenses. At MFE we could sell injector tips, but that's not who we are, and that puts quality in jeopardy. High-performance parts need a high-performance effort behind the process or time and money is wasted. The fuel injection products from MFE will perform right the first time and we prove it by supplying each set of injectors with their own pedigree of performance, the calibration records.


MFE is your home for premier performance diesel upgrades. Whether it's fuel or air flow, we help you achieve Mass-Flo.