Dodge 6.7 Liter Performance Injectors

DODGE 6.7 Liter, 2007.5-2011 UPGRADES

The 6.7 L Cummins is the latest in the B-series engines, introduced mid year in 2007. Rated at 350 HP & 650 lb-ft, it is also the most powerful B-series ever offered. The 5.9 ISB was replaced by the 6.7 to meet strict new diesel emission requirements. To meet such requirements, the 6.7 is equipped with an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system, a variable geometry turbocharger (VGT), and a diesel particulate filter designed to reduce diesel particulate matter by more than 90 percent. A new, higher-pressure version of the Bosch direct injection system is used. See our performance upgrades below.

Performance Injectors for Dodge 6.7 Liter:
Part Numbers: Description:
DG6725-11 25 H.P. INCREASE
DG6750-11 50 H.P. INCREASE
DG6775-11 75 H.P. INCREASE
DG67100-11 100 H.P. INCREASE
DG67125-11 125 H.P. INCREASE
DG67150-11 150 H.P. INCREASE
DG67175-11 175 H.P. INCREASE

*Performance Nozzles for Dodge 6.7 Liter:
Part Numbers: Description:
DG6725-21 25 H.P. INCREASE
DG6750-21 50 H.P. INCREASE
DG6775-21 75 H.P. INCREASE
DG67100-21 100 H.P. INCREASE
DG67125-21 125 H.P. INCREASE
DG67150-21 150 H.P. INCREASE
DG67175-21 175 H.P. INCREASE


Due to the popular demand, we have now released our in-house Extrude Honed Performance nozzles. For your safety and in order to gain the most from your investment, injector nozzles should be installed by a qualified professional in a facility designed for that type of work. We are happy to assist you with that installation right here at MFE or we can recommend a diesel fuel injection service center for your area. MFE will never ask you to use your truck as a test stand. Read More Here


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