Chevy 6.5 Liter Remote Mount PMD Bracket


The 6.5 liter GM diesel was introduced in 1992, replacing the 6.2 L in 1993. Also manufactured by Detroit Diesel, the 6.5 was available in several versions to serve several different applications. The 6.5 L, like the 6.2 L, focused more on providing a fuel efficient diesel alternative. A special "Fuel Miser" version of the 6.5 surfaced in P-trucks (delivery trucks for bread/snack food companies) that produced the fuel mileage of a four cylinder. The 6.5 was offered in naturally aspirated & turbocharged versions. See our performance upgrades below.

Performance Injectors for Chevy 6.5 Liter:
Part Number: Description:
CH6540-11 40hp Upgrade Only

Remote Mount PMD Bracket
Part Number: Description
CH65PMDBKT-15 Bracket Only
CH65VANPMDBKT-15 Van Bracket Only

Remote Mount PMD Complete Kit
Part Number: Description
CH65PMDBKTKIT-15 Bracket, Harness, PMD
CH65VANPMDBKTKIT-15 Van Bracket, Harness, PMD


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